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Discover The Luxury At County Park & Suites Hotels I Resorts

COUNTY PARK & SUITES  Hotels I Resorts is one of the best Hotel Management Groups of the Australia. And one of the youngest growing hotels & resorts chains in India. 

County Park & Suites has been assisting individual Hotel Partners  in maintaining the Operational, Marketing & Maintaining the costs by controlling without compromising on standards, to generate better profitability. County Park & Suites has been providing the trained staff along with on site training for the hotel staff.  County Park & Suites has entered into a  sortie of franchising to help & strengthen the individual hotel partners with the support of brand & marketing, which will help in reducing the marketing costs for the hotel and maintaining the basic brand standards to make County Park & Suites as first choice for the Guests.

An Invitation To Explore

Our hotel rooms offer absolute comfort and a design sensibility inspired by soft, muted color tones. Whether you choose any one of our suites or Park for a room, you can always be sure of a fantastic sleep to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.





Peak Experiences

Escape to cool mountain. Dive into clear blue water. Traverse the surrounding or simply laze by the hotel’s sparkling pool. The choice is yours.


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