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COUNTY PARK & SUITES  Hotels I Resorts is one of the best Hotel Management Groups of the Australia. And one of the youngest growing hotels & resorts chains in India. 

County Park & Suites has been assisting individual Hotel Partners  in maintaining the Operational, Marketing & Maintaining the costs by controlling without compromising on standards, to generate better profitability. County Park & Suites has been providing the trained staff along with on site training for the hotel staff.  County Park & Suites has entered into a  sortie of franchising to help & strengthen the individual hotel partners with the support of brand & marketing, which will help in reducing the marketing costs for the hotel and maintaining the basic brand standards to make County Park & Suites as first choice for the Guests.

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A Trusted Relationship

Internet Booking Engine / Online Distribution & Marketing

The hotel benefits from the global marketing and communication campaigns made by County Park & Suites Hotels I Resorts.

Closing a Deal

County Park & Suites

Key Features of Our Franchise Model

  • Brand Recognition: Leverage the strength of the Hotel County Park and Suites name, which is synonymous with quality and excellence in the hospitality industry.

  • Training and Support: Receive comprehensive training programs for you and your staff, ensuring a seamless integration into the Hotel County Park and Suites family. Ongoing support is provided to address any operational challenges and maximize your success.

  • Marketing and Advertising: Benefit from our strategic marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns that promote brand visibility and drive bookings to your franchise location.

  • Operational Excellence: Access our proven operational procedures and systems that have been fine-tuned for efficiency and guest satisfaction.

  • Innovation and Sustainability: Stay ahead of industry trends with our commitment to innovation and sustainability, aligning your franchise with a brand that cares about the environment and embraces cutting-edge technologies.


Discover The Luxury

COUNTY PARK & SUITES is a 5-star new generation of expertly created luxury hotel brand and inspired by the lifestyle and sensibilities of the contemporary global guests 

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